Proper Start-up Can Positively Impact Profitability for Years to Come

DoctorsManagement has helped hundreds of physicians all across the country with their medical practice start-up. Knowing and overseeing the thousand and one details that are necessary for the successful start-up of a new medical practice is the key ingredient in a successful and profitable start-up. You can have a list of things to do, but it is important to understand that some tasks are prerequisites for other tasks. Getting the priorities out of sequence can result in significant delays in completing the start-up process.

Since it is not rocket science, physicians often think they can save a few dollars with a do-it-yourself start-up approach to their medical practice. What they don’t understand is that while saving a few dollars on the initial costs, they have cost themselves literally tens of thousands of dollars over the next few years because of their lack of understanding what was really important and necessary in the start-up of their medical practice.

If they failed to get credentialed with the right carriers and were unable to see two additional new patients per day for the first three months, they have lost thousands of dollars at the start-up of their medical practice. If, with the right marketing plan, they could have been seeing three more patients per day for the first two or three years of their practice, they have cost themselves tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. So did they really save by doing it themselves?

We provide start-up services for:

  • Solo and multi-physician medical practices
  • Mid-level provider and nurse practitioner-owned practices
  • Hospital-owned practice acquisition

Not only do we know what needs to be done for your medical practice start-up, but we know how to do it most effectively and most efficiently. What is even better is that we will work with you after the initial medical practice start-up in order to help you move the practice forward at a rate far faster than you can by yourself. From a “quality of life” perspective, how important is it to you to quickly grow from the start-up of your medical practice to the extent that you can justify bringing in a partner or a mid-level provider to take some of the pressure?

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