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3 Practice Operations Tips  Checklist to Keep Your Days on Track

The following tips, an excerpt from the DM Practice Operations Manual, are simple yet valuable reminders that can help you keep each day running smoothing and efficiently.

1. Next Day Preparation – To prepare for arrival of patients and ensure that all charges are captured.
Each day, pull or print the physician’s schedule two days in advance for appointment confirmation.
Pull patient charts for all confirmed and pending appointments.
Run encounter forms for the next day’s visits.
In practices with multiple physicians, indicate which physician the patient is scheduled to see.
Place Encounter Form on outside of chart and arrange charts by time of appointment by physician.
Clinical staff to review chart for completeness prior to physician seeing patient, ensuring all test results are received and noted.
Depending on physician’s style, clinical staff to order tests to be done per physician’s orders on previous visit by checking those tests on the encounter form.
Transfer charts to chart holding area for next day’s appointments.
Create charts for all new patients.
2. On-Call Schedules (Physicians) – To provide patients with continuous coverage and to provide office/hospital staff(s) with monthly schedule for call coverage.
Physicians to establish rotating on-call coverage.
Call coverage to be clearly defined as to time call stops and starts.
Schedule should be available for one month at a time.
Distribution lists should be created to ensure that all involved are made aware to include: office, all physicians and their staff, all hospitals (including medical staff office and appropriate nurses’ stations), answering service (when available), any other (as defined by physician).
3. Charity and Soliciting on Premises – To discourage soliciting on premises for purposes of charity or commercial gain, in order that pressuring or harassment of personnel, patients or visitors will not occur.
Post a declaration at the entrance of office that solicitation on the premises is not welcome.
Instruct staff to notify Practice Manager of any breach of rule.
Practice Manager to request offender to cease solicitation.
No donations are to be made to any charity without the express written approval of administration.
Personal donations and/or commercial solicitations are to be outside the work environment.

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