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Alarming Customer Service Mistakes

In today’s demanding healthcare environment, many practices focus on maintaining productivity, profits and compliance. This makes it very easy to miss how you are treating the very person who is the lifeblood of your business – your patients!

Do you know how your patient experiences your practice? Don’t let it be a mystery! Take a look at the top ten most alarming mistakes our customer service team discovered while mystery shopping medical practices.

Top ten most alarming customer service mistakes:
Front office staff not acknowledging/greeting those that walk through the door.
Keeping the glass around the reception area shut while patient is standing there.
Dirty or cluttered waiting room.
Insufficient seating in the waiting room.
Patients waiting for over an hour to be taken to an exam room.
More than five-minute telephone hold times.
Staff unable to answer basic questions over the phone such as giving directions to the practice.
Having personal or non-work related conversations with other staff in front of patients.
Lack of eye contact with the patient while entering his/her information into the computer (for example, learning why the patient has come in for an office visit).
Talking with a unhappy patient at the reception area where other patients are present.

What can you do about it?

Take a look at your own practice and put protocols(LINK) in place to correct any bad customer service habits.
Call your own practice and experience how long it takes for the phone to be answered, how easy it is to navigate your phone system, and how politely your staff greets you on the phone.
Print the list above and look around your practice to ensure that your staff is not making the same customer service mistakes. If they are, address the issues at your next staff meeting. These mistakes may simply be habits. They can be changed with gentle reminders. If necessary, post printed reminders where only staff members can see them.
Put protocols in place for things like giving directions to the practice and talking with unhappy patients. This empowers your staff to handle the situation in a way that is in the best interest of your practice and its patients.

Need more customer service help?

Contact Lauren King, Director of Customer Service, via email or call her at 800-635-4040 to learn more about how mystery shopping can help your practice!

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