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Private Equity Investments for Medical Practice Growth

By 2020, Practice Development, Practice Operations
Does a Private Equity investment make sense for your practice? Private-equity firms are accelerating their investments into physician practices. These investments can help physician groups expand to serve additional patients, recruit more physicians or receive higher payments. A third-party assessment can help you determine whether you’re being presented with a fair deal, if this type of...
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Are incident-to services worth the risk?

By 2018, Practice Management Tips, Practice Operations
Are incident-to services worth the risk? Incident-to services allow non-physician practitioners (NPPs) such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants to bill under a supervising physician if they perform services that are incidental to a physician-created plan of care. Incident-to billing offers two key benefits: First, the physician is reimbursed at 100% of the contracted rate...
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CMS unveils new, voluntary bundled payments program

By 2018, Practice Operations, Regulatory Compliance
CMS unveils new, voluntary bundled payments program Shortly after announcing that it has eliminated several existing bundled payment initiatives, CMS has announced a new bundled payment model that focuses on voluntary participation. Dubbed “Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced” (BPCI Advanced), the new program is based on the older BPCI program that it replaces. CMS...
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MedPAC recommends eliminating MIPS

By 2018, Coding and Auditing, Practice Operations, Regulatory Compliance
MedPAC recommends eliminating MIPS By Grant Huang Director of Content at DoctorsManagement A top Congressional advisory body has voted to recommend that Congress repeal the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and replace it with a simpler version that would not be mandatory like MIPS is for most providers who participate with Medicare. The Medicare Payment...
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