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Employee Conduct Faux Paus – From the Trenches!

Last week we discussed how small changes to your office décor have a big impact on how patients perceive your practice and anticipate the quality of care they will receive. This week we have more stories from the mystery shopping trenches.

The way your staff members present themselves can have a profound affect on the reputation of your practice. You might think your own staff knows better than to do these things, but these examples come from real-life experiences of our mystery shoppers. You might consider taking a look at your employee handbook to be sure these are addressed in the conduct section. You can also create a protocol page for quick reference in the event an issue arises.

Here are just a few examples of what we have discovered while conducting mystery shopping for clients.
Staff and/or providers with scrubs that don’t look clean and freshly pressed.
Staff addresses providers and patients with terms such as honey, sweetie, etc.
Staff members having personal conversations in front of patients about very personal matters.
Staff members looking as though they have just rolled out of bed (forgot their deodorant, messy hair, tired eyes)
Staff walking around hunched over, as if defeated and lacking confidence.
Staff members with visible tattoos and body piercing.
Excessive gum chewing.

All of these are actual examples witnessed while mystery shopping medical practices. This type of behavior has a profound affect on how a patient views your practice! Take a look around your practice to be sure you are not exposing your patients to this type of environment.

Does your practice need a reputation makeover?
Contact our customer service team to learn more about mystery shopping and customer service training.

Contact Lauren King at 800-635-4040 or send her an email. You might be surprised at what you learn when you see your practice through the eyes of a patient!

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