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Latest News on SGR and ICD-10

by Kevin Townsend, CMPE, CPC, CPMA | April 1, 2014

The Senate yesterday approved the House legislation that includes provisions to suspend the SGR formula and avert fee cuts by another year. The legislation will also delay ICD-10 implementation by one year to Oct. 1, 2015. The bill will be sent to President Obama for his expected signature.

The suspension of the SGR fee cut is great news; however, the hope was that there would be a permanent fix. We encourage each provider to continue to correspond with your members of Congress to push for a permanent fix.

The delay in ICD-10 implementation has some perplexed; and several highly recognized professional organizations are speaking out against this legislation, noting that their members had already invested significant time, energy, and resources into being ready for Oct. 1, 2014. Obviously this is not the case for many medical practices that will see this as a reprieve from the many other regulatory programs currently in process.

Other items of importance in this bill are changes in Medicare policies related to clinical diagnostic laboratory tests and “appropriate use” criteria for certain imaging services.

DoctorsManagement is dedicated to helping our clients navigate these issues and will be releasing more information about them in the coming days.