A Medical Practice Assessment Gives You:

  • Clarity on your goals and increased motivation.
  • A “snapshop” of your financial standing.
  • Employees who are focused and excited to work every day!
  • Increased productivity and less feelings of “burnout”.
  • Lower patient wait times and higher patient satisfaction.
  • The ability to enjoy time away from the office.
  • A roadmap for retirement planning.

Self-Assess Your Business in 8 Simple and Manageable Steps

Clarify Your Goals
and Motivation

Review Financials and
Relative Performance

Evaluate Scheduling
and Patient Flow

Assess Your
Revenue Cycle

Assess Operational
Best Practices

Consider Non-Physician
Providers / Extenders

Expand Revenue With
Ancillary Services

Implement Changes
and Improvements

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The Unique Requirements of a Medical Practice Assessment

Your independent medical practice requires special considerations when performing an evaluation. As a physician and owner of a medical practice, the most important aspect of your business is the time and energy you devote to caring for your patients. Without them, there would be no business. Of course, your day doesn’t end after seeing patients. You must also code and document every encounter, keep pace with ever-changing compliance regulations, manage your team and plan for your future. It’s impossible for you to stop any of these functions so that you can review every aspect of your business. That’s no reason to forego a medical practice assessment. While an experienced consultant can facilitate the process, you can still take a DIY approach to an assessment. It simply requires that you break the process down into smaller and more manageable steps, and we’ve done that for you in eight manageable steps that you can execute one at a time.

Regardless of how long your practice has been in business, an assessment can help you increase profits, reduce compliance risk, improve employee morale and improve patient satisfaction. The DIY assessment might not happen as quickly as you’d like, however, it will still happen if you stick to this plan and follow each step, prefer-ably, in the order it is presented.

15-Second Video – Practice Performance and Patient Care Go Together

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