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Richard Steinfeld,


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I can speak to both Sean’s healthcare acumen as well as his professionalism, veracity, and clear determination. To know that Sean is working on a project – no matter the complexity – comes with a sense of confidence that the caliber of work and the execution will exceed expectations.

For these reasons, it is my hope that this letter of recommendation helps to serve as a reinforcement of Sean’s character and healthcare knowledge, of which he is amongst the highest ranks.

Akash Anand, MD, FACSGNO Snoring & Sinus

I have worked with others in his field but Sean brought a new level of professionalism and knowledge that I have not seen before or since. He has a wonderful demeanor, is driven by the facts and takes the guesswork out of this very complex field. His regulatory compliance knowledge as it relates to Medicare and OIG rules and regulations are of the highest level. His unique ability to take this regulatory information and make sense of it in everyday situations is a skill that few possess.

William Collins, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC, APRNFreedom Psychiatry, PLLC

The identity of the parties and specific subject matter of Mr. Weiss’s opinions and testimony are subject to a confidentiality order. However, Mr. Weiss testified and opined on issues pertaining to regulatory compliance, medical documentation standards, and medical coding.

Mr. Weiss is incredibly knowledgeable, methodical and candid in forming his opinions. HIs training and experience in healthcare compliance, medical documentation standards, and medical documentation standards is among the best I have encountered in my career.

Jenna E. Milaeger, AttorneyGoldberg Law Group, LLC

In one case, Mr. Weiss completed an independent review of the matter between my client and Cigna Insurance Company (“Cigna”) wherein Cigna concluded through its internal review that my client was over-paid over $1,500,000.00 by Cigna. His thorough, detailed and compelling expert report resulted in a 7 figure reduction in Cigna’s frivolous demand. Mr. Weiss’ work has been exceptional and his technical skills in defending the Cigna audit have been instrumental in resolving the case. His vast experience and knowledge has been critical in analyzing information and developing strategies to counter the baseless demands made by the insurance company in that case and other cases. I highly recommend Mr. Weiss as a top compliance expert in the industry.

Thomas J. Force, AttorneyThe Force Law Firm, PC

Mr. Weiss’ ability to effectively and efficiently communicate complex and pivotal healthcare concepts to both opposing counsel and other individuals has been impeccable and decisive. Further, Mr. Weiss’ relationship with varois public officials and private leaders have been instrumental in pushing forward policies and action to serve various clients who otherwise would not have a voice.

As Mr. Weiss will tell you, he is a no-nonsense advocate for his clients. It is because of his advocating style, leadership skills, and expertise that BMD will continue to partner with Mr. Weiss for the benefit of our clients and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Amanda L. Waesch, Attorney, MemberBrennan, Manna & Diamond, LLC

I consider you to be one of the top coding consultants in the country. I would be hard-pressed to name a consultant who is more familiar with Medicare reimbursement regulations and policies in physician practices than you are. When I am asked to recommend physician coding consultants, you and your colleagues at Doctors Management are one of the four firms I consistently recommend. I don’t make those recommendations lightly because I know clients will judge me based on their resulting experience.
The bottom line is that if you don’t qualify as an expert on Medicare billing rules in physician practices, I am not sure that I know anyone who would.

David M. Glaser, AttorneyFredrikson & Byron, P.A.

Most recently, Mr. Weiss served as an expert witness in an appeal involving allegations of unbundling and billing services that were not medically necessary. He also provided substantial guidance in investigating and resolving a very complex matter involving observation services billed to a state Medicaid program.

I have always found Mr. Weiss to be thorough in his evaluations and findings. He is very knowledgeable in the areas that I have engaged him to provide counsel; he is also upfront about areas that he (or others with DoctorsManagement) do not have the requisite expertise.

Amy E. Fouts, PartnerBakerhostetler


Payors are aggressively forcing you, the provider to defend “Medical Necessity” and the Plan of Care created for your patients. DoctorsManagement ensures you remain in control!


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Sein Weiss

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Paul Spencer

Frank Cohen

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  1. Determine the viability and defensibility of your case

  2. Assign your team, which includes: auditors, Clinical and Regulatory Officer, physicians, and, if needed, a statistician.

  3. Request any extensions needed to ensure adequate time allotted for a complete and thorough review of all findings and/or accusations.

  4. Provide an executive summary, Under Attorney Client Privilege, complete with clinical and coding audit findings, regulatory findings, and recommendations, and, if required, statistical analysis.

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