A partner to practice managers, coders, auditors and more…

Working in the dynamic business of medicine is both exciting and challenging. It is important that you have an ally in your success that understands the field and supports your efforts every step of the way.

At DoctorsManagement, many of our team members have worked in the business of medicine for many years, and we understand the delicate balance you must strike between maintaining high standards of patient care and contributing to profitability, not to mention keeping pace with the ever-changing compliance regulations that threaten the financial well-being of medical practices today.

You will find that we offer something for just about every staff member working in today’s healthcare facilities with a wide variety of training programs and support services.

We invite you to get to know about DoctorsManagement as well as our divisions that specialize in providing professional medical training solutions, including:

  • AAPOL (American Association of Provider Offices and Laboratories) – national educational organization serving the needs of office-based healthcare professionals to improve the quality of their laboratory testing and their work environment by offering CLIA, OSHA and HIPAA training, support and products.
  • DMUniversity – online medical practice management certification program as well as a la carte learning opportunities to advance current and aspiring medical practice managers, staff members, medical residents and fellows, providers and others in the “Business of Medicine.”
  • NAMAS (National Alliance for Medical Auditing Specialists) – NAMAS delivers preparation classes for the AAPC CPMA® exam as well as continuing education opportunities for medical auditors. Other professionals such as coders, practice managers, physicians, mid-level providers, and compliance officers find our educational programs extremely beneficial in improving the effectiveness of their work.
  • The Frank Cohen Group – founded with the sole purpose of providing meaningful assistance to healthcare organizations in the areas of process improvement, compliance, quality and profitability. This group specializes in all areas of analytics, including data mining and analysis, applied statistics, predictive modeling, process improvement and decision support.

Let us know if you are looking for a particular training or support solution — if it has to do with The Business of Medicine, chances are we have it.