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Facilitating Success for Private Equity Investments in Medical Practices

DoctorsManagement facilitates high-growth and positive cash flow returns for private equity investments in medical practices. With experience in a wide range of specialties, our private equity clients have grown to trust our team to help reduce risk of initial practice acquisition and shorten the timeline to greater profits.

Short and Long-Term Strategic Planning

Assess past performance of the entity compared to targets and provide an action plan for positive cash flow and long-term growth.

Financial Review and Key Performance Indicators

Assessment of performance as compared to national benchmark data as well as similarly situated practices within DM’s client portfolio.

Revenue Cycle Management

Ensure timely collections, optimize cash flow from governmental and commercial payors, as well as cash pay services and review risk of repayment demands.

Executive Team

Determine if the allocation of executive resources, in both skill and number, are appropriate for the entity.

Clinical Personnel

Assess current staffing census and compare to national benchmark data as well as similarly situated practices within DM’s client portfolio.

Administrative Personnel

Assess current key administrative personnel to conclude on staffing makeup in both quantity and skill level.

Clinical and Administrative Procedures

Improve workflow, communication, and utilization of resources to achieve an efficient system.

Facilities & IT Review

Maximize space size, patient flow, and financial value for owners. Reduce areas of IT risk exposure and create a more efficient process.

Our Expertise

Financial and Operational Assessments

Predictable and Sustainable Growth Plans

Proven Development Strategies

Reimbursement-Based Revenue Optimization

Leadership and Executive Team Development

Clinical and Administrative Allocation

Space and Resource Utilization

Process and Revenue Cycle Improve

Client Success Statistics

Specialty Podiatry Dermatology Neurology
Client Goals Expand Locations, Grow Revenue Expand Practice, Grow Revenue Stabilize Practice Operations, Grow Revenue
Status Upon Engagement $5m Revenue x Locations $4 Million $9 Million
Current Status $15m revenue organization; 16 locations, including two surgery centers and an additional surgery center start-up ongoing $18 Million
105% OH
$20 Million
90% OH
Strategies Expanded the role of group CEO and establishing a Controller; DM serves as contract CFO and Consultant Strategist. Implemented comprehensive reporting package for data-driven decision making. Recruited and hired Administor/COO. Executive training for current and new positions. Additional owners and services lines. DM serves as contract CFO and consultant strategist Added ancillary
Client Since 2012 2010 2014

How we create profitable medical practices that are positioned for growth.

If you’re looking for a partner that can help you facilitate the time to increased profitability, DoctorsManagement is a great choice. Here’s how we work.


Assess current performance

Evaluate resource allocation

Develop plan for sustainable growth


Commence new policies and procedures

Revamp marketing strategy

Institute performance-based compensation

Ongoing Support

Support executive team to ensure viable EBITDA growth

Why Choose DoctorsManagement?

  • Gain access to a nationally recognized team of in-house experts in virtually every aspect of medical practice growth and development.
  • Experience accelerated time to goal based on six decades of enhancing practice performance.
  • Receive coding and billing reimbursement analysis performed by US-based coders and auditors that are dual-credentialed and receive ongoing training and support.

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