Risk-Based Auditing for Healthcare OrganizationsMedicalComplianceRiskAnalyze_

Compliance Risk Analyzer (CRA) simplifies the transition to risk-based auditing. CRA’s easy-to-use interface helps large healthcare facilities to quickly realize cost reductions while increasing effectiveness in mitigating billing compliance risk, which is becoming an increasingly complex problem.

CRA helps to identify and monitor potential risk associated with provider billing claims as well as build, track, and manage an effective risk-based audit plan.

Clients have reduced their auditing costs by as much as $310,000 per year using CRA. 

CRA replaces probe audits with an automated review of the top five critical risk issues for every medical provider in the organization. CRA also creates an audit plan prioritized by risk and by provider in the most critical coding categories. Using CRA allows you to focus more of your resources on value-based audits rather than discovery audits, and it helps the organization prepare for the possibility of an external CMS or private payer audit.


CRA was developed by The Frank Cohen Group, a division of DoctorsManagement.