Compliance Risk Analyzer (CRA™)


Our Comprehensive Compliance Risk Analysis (CCRA™) provides an organization with an effective, efficient, accurate and rapid identification of potential risk of their providers.

Compliance Risk Analysis produces a comprehensive report that instantly identifies potential coding and billing compliance risks for each of your providers. Risk is assessed for the five most important categories — those that the auditors consider when deciding whether or not to audit your practice:

  • Frequency utilization of Evaluation& Management procedure codes
  • Frequency utilization of non-E&M procedure codes
  • RVU consumption of all procedure codes
  • Frequency utilization of modifier codes
  • Provider’s hours per year versus OIG’s FTE guidelines

Easy to understand

The key is that all risk assessments are distilled to a straightforward scale of 1 to 100. One can quickly rank risk within and between categories on the high-level summary report.

Work on real issues right away

CRA creates an audit plan of the top five critical risk issues for each provider reporting a moderate to high risk. Rather than using your limited resources to search for potential risk issues by conducting initial probe audits, direct them to validating real risk. Our audit action plan is based on a statistical review of 100% of your claims — something that is virtually impossible any other way.


CRA was developed by The Frank Cohen Group, a division of DoctorsManagement.