Live OSHA Training Seminars

In addition to providing on-site OSHA training and mock inspections as well as OSHA compliance manuals and training products, DoctorsManagement OSHA specialists also deliver live training classes in cities throughout the United States. These classes are coordinated by VYNE Education (formerly known as Cross Country Education).

The list below indicates where and when live OSHA trainings will take place. For more information, or to learn when a seminar will take place in your region, contact VYNE Education at 800-397-0180.

OSHA Seminar Training Schedule:  April 2018 – July 2018


April 10             Wichita, KS

April 11             Tulsa, OK

April 24             Springfield, MO/Portland, OR

April 25             Overland Park, KS/Seattle, WA

April 26             St. Louis, MO

April 27             Anchorage, AK


July 27              Alpharetta, GA

July 28              College Point, GA