Preventative Medicine for Practices and Healthcare Facilities

Today’s medical practices face unique coding challenges that have an on-going effect on the financial health of the practice. Over time, inaccurate coding and provider inefficiencies can increase your overall exposure to the risk of non-compliance and revenue drains that go unidentified, costing you lost revenue as well as time and effort to recover.

A coding and compliance audit performed by the experienced professionals at DoctorsManagement evaluates the appropriateness of codes selected and documentation provided for your claims. It also helps to identify the areas in your practice where training is required. Once identified, our team delivers specific training that targets those areas to help ensure you receive the appropriate amount of revenue that your medical practice deserves for the healthcare services you deliver. You and your staff will learn how to submit clean claims that receive full and timely reimbursement. As part of the audit process, you will receive a detailed report along with statistical mapping to identify aberrant coding patterns, outliers within the practice, or areas of non-compliance.

Compliance audit services include:
  • Pre-Payment Audits– Claims and supporting documentation will be reviewed by our nationally certified coders and compliance auditors prior to submission to ensure clean claims and proper adjudication.
  • Comprehensive Billing Analysis– Missed opportunities and potentially damaging areas of risk may be identified before submitting to claims.
  • Provider Shadowing and Education-We work closely with your doctor and non-physician practitioners to ensure that only the most accurate codes will be billed, resulting in higher reimbursements, establishment of medical necessity, and minimized compliance risk.
  • Customized Training and Education-Get a customized program tailored to your needs using the most current information.

Our consulting team can also be retained to provide your organization with professional guidance through an audit or investigation by federal, state, or private payers.