Nurse Practitioner and Physician’s Assistant Recruiting Services

Having more patients than you can see? Losing revenue?

Today’s medical practices are looking to non-physician providers to increase their capacity while continuing to provide quality patient care. If your practice is considering adding a nurse practitioner, a physician’s assistant or other non-physician provider our human resources department can help.

We help you locate, interview, and hire a qualified individual that will meet the specific needs of your practice. Our team will take the time to evaluate your situation and respond with a strategy to recruit the ideal candidate that can help you achieve the specific goals of your practice. Your comprehensive search will include:

  • Your Ideal Provider Assessment
  • Professionally Prepared Newspaper Classified Ad
  • Resume Screening
  • Telephone Interview Screening
  • Consultant On-Site Interviews available for Final Candidate(s)*
  • Documented Employer References
  • Credit & Criminal Background Checks*
  • Licensure/Certification Verification
  • Timely Search Progress Report(s)
  • Compensation & Benefit Package Design
  • Job Offer
  • Contract Preparation & Required Hiring Paperwork Provided
  • Model Job Description
  • Unsuccessful Candidates Contacted

You can rely on DoctorsManagement’s recruiting team. With over 50 years of focusing on the business needs of medical practices, our team understands the unique recruiting challenges you face!