Ann Bachman

Ann Bachman, CLC (AMT), MT (ASCP)
Director of CLIA Compliance

Ann Bachman is recognized as an authority on CLIA compliance for physician office laboratories. She also has extensive experience in OSHA/HIPAA and Identity Theft Specialist and Executive Director for the American Association of Physician Offices and Laboratories (AAPOL). With extensive experience in clinical testing, laboratory management and supervision, and patient and employee education, Ann delights audiences with a presentation style that distills the most important aspects related to the complex issues faced today by those who manage their practice’s compliance programs.

Speaking topics include:

CLIA – Lab regulations and maintenance can be complicated topics. This educational seminar breaks down the complexities of lab regulations and maintenance. Physicians, laboratory mangers, and technicians will learn techniques to help improve the quality of patient care by producing more reliable laboratory results by following CLIA regulations and guidelines. In this highly-educational session lab personnel can learn the requirements of CLIA, and how to implement them to stay in compliance with these government regulations.
Appropriate for any medical office that currently has or is considering a physicians office laboratory.

Dental (OSHA and HIPAA) – Small med. offices, esp. with labs or interested in lab

Other customized topics presented upon request.

Client comments:
“Thank goodness for DoctorsManagement. The OSHA/CLIA Department has always given me the education and material I needed…and very quickly, too! Thanks for all you do!”.
Sandra Mason of Gastonia, NC

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