Kelly Ogle

Director of OSHA and HIPAA Services

Kelly provides OSHA and HIPAA consulting and training to help medical and dental practices maintain compliance within their facilities. Kelly engages her audience with enthusiasm as she conveys the importance of employee safety and patient privacy as well as the details of protecting the practice from risks and penalties that result from OSHA and HIPAA violations. She is a breath of fresh air to all who have the pleasure of working with her. Audiences appreciate the way Kelly conveys the importance of a safe environment for employees while reducing the risk of penalties for the practice. Kelly keeps participants interested by including scenarios from mock OSHA and HIPAA audits she’s performed for clients across the country. She conveys practical information about corrective actions that help reduce the risk of penalties before they happen.

Speaking topics include:

OSHA Training for Medial and Dental Practices

  • Attendees gain an understanding of OSHA regulations as well as learn the steps that employers and safety officers must take in order to keep employees safe and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations.
    Appropriate for dental as well as any medical specialty.

HIPAA Training for Medical and Dental Practices

  • Participants receive an educational overview of state and federal privacy regulations and practical education on how to implement an effective plan for patient confidentiality in a medical office. Attendees learn the nature of HIPAA laws, and gain understanding and confidence through a comprehensive training of the laws and how to maintain compliance through practical, real-life examples of specific situations. (Includes Breach Notification and HITECH requirements.)
    Appropriate for dental as well as any medical specialty.

Identity Theft for Medical and Dental Practices

  • Identity theft can lead to financial losses, loss of reputation, and years of disastrous consequences. Learn how you and your medical personnel can protect the identify of your practice, employees, and your patients from identity theft. Includes practical points everyone should learn to protect their own identity a well as what victim should do to restore their identity.

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