Sean M. Weiss

Partner, Vice President of Compliance

Sean M. Weiss, is a dynamic and engaging speaker who brings audiences alive while delivering critical, in-depth education on topics related to regulatory compliance, revenue cycle management, coding and practice management. He covers a broad range of compliance topics including risk and mitigation, audit appeal, compliance program development and management as well as navigating today’s turbulent healthcare management arena.

Sean has presented more than 1800 live courses for academia, management associations, pharmaceutical companies, and seminar companies around the globe. Sean is consistently one of the highest rated speakers at conferences and has been praised by Department of Justice Prosecutors for presenting, timely, accurate information with the right tone.

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Presentation titles include:

  • 2020 OIG Risks and How to Mitigate Them
  • Government Pitfalls and Mitigating Risks – “CMS, OIG High-Risk Targets”
  • What is Compliance? “From A-Z and All Points Between”
  • Disclosure v. Refund “What You Need to Know to Avoid a Costly Mistake”
  • DOJ Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs “A Prosecutor’s Playbook”
  • Evaluation and Management Services; Documenting for Success by Establishing “Medical Necessity”
  • Structuring a Corporate Compliance Program to Comply with DOJ Criminal Division Guidance
  • Compliance and Medical Necessity, “How to Cover Your Assets”

Other customized and specialty-specific topics presented upon request.




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Client comments:

It is truly with the deepest gratitude that I thank you for sharing your knowledge with me (and so many others) this past few days at AAOE.  As a coding auditor, RN and paralegal, I hung on to your every word.
– Carol Buchmann RN AAS CPC, Yo. Orthopaedic Associates

“Sean’s presentation received rave reviews and his topic covered sensitive matters that are of great importance to our members.”
-Diane Turpin, J.D., Executive Director,  Association for Dermatology Administrators and Managers (ADAM)

Best speaker at the conference – so much information on our level.

Great presentation. Loved the audience interaction.

I stayed until the last second. Could not have been more informative.