Coding and Documentation Auditing Services

DoctorsManagement provides full-service medical coding and reimbursement services for just about every medical specialty.

We start with a coding and documentation audit, which benefits your practice by helping to ensure that you receive the optimal reimbursement while maintaining compliance with policies and regulations. The audit includes follow-up staff and provider instruction and education to improve coding practices as well as maintain practice profitability and compliance.

All audits consist of a comprehensive review of provider documentation to demonstrate any possible exposure to payer or government agency audit. At the same time, our auditors can recognize documented services that have possibly failed to be billed. Whether preventing refunds or finding new revenue, our services save you money.

Our easy-to-understand E&M utilization data will allow the practice to easily identify providers that may be considered outliers compared to their peers. This data identifies providers possibly undercoding or overcoding. This is the same data that CMS and other payers are reviewing to determine whom they wish to audit.

Customized remote or on-site provider and staff education is available with each audit for each provider.

You can rest at ease knowing that your audit is performed by the industry’s leading auditing experts. All DM auditors receiving ongoing training by our education division, NAMAS (National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists),and hold the Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) as well as the Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®) certification.