Kenny Herskowitz MD

Our group has utilized the services of Sean M. Weiss of DoctorsManagement, LLC for the past 4 years to guide our group through the complexities of Medicare, specifically with regard to compliance and audit appeal defense. The depth of knowledge that Sean and members of the DM compliance and audit appeal team have, has calmed our anxieties that something could be missed that would increase our group’s liability or prevent us from being paid for services we’re entitled to.

The comprehensive nature of the OIG Compliance Plan and specific policies developed for our group and specialty ensure we can always support ourselves when questions arise. Sean’s knowledge of coding, compliance requirements, and documentation guidelines has been a saving grace more times than we can count and his unbelievably quick and thorough response times show how passionate and engaged he is with what’s going on in our ever-changing industry.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for Sean and the DM Compliance Team, I’m not sure what state our group would be in. I just can’t thank this amazing team of professionals enough.

Robert J. Tomlinson Jr. M.D., Vice President of Revenue Cycle, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

I unequivocally and without reservation recommend Doctors Management consulting services for any medical practice whether new or mature. With all reaching and forever changing government regulation, I cannot imagine practicing medicine without their guidance.

Since using Doctors Management the last 2 years, I have found their expert guidance indispensable in regard to compliance, billing, work flow, and profitability. Their expert staff , particularly Sean Weiss I have found extremely knowledgeable, professional, courteous, personable, generous, and resourceful.

My only regret is not utilizing this expert consulting service earlier in my career. Thank you Doctors Management.

Christopher Spencer, Vice President of Revenue Cycle, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

The NCH team has used the services of Sean M. Weiss of Doctors Management, LLC for the past 2 years. Sean’s team has helped us complete physician audits, facility audits as well as provide us with backup coder support. His team has always been responsive and willing to take on any task, even on short notice. We appreciate his team’s efforts and always consider them a resource whenever we have compliance, coding or educational needs. The management team is knowledgeable and easy to work with and have been able to provide guidance even in the most difficult situations.

Donald Clemons, M.D., Tennessee – Dermatology

DoctorsManagement has been with us since we began our practice, almost four years ago. In our four years of practice, we have added two physicians and a P.A., have doubled our facility, and developed the most successful cosmetic practice in the region. Our satisfaction measures are the top of the chart and our income has nearly doubled. Six of our employees have attended DoctorsManagement’s Practice Management School (now called DM University).

DoctorsManagement is always there to assist with any problem or development, and I have always felt our consultant has the same level of commitment to the success of our practice as do our physician-owners. We couldn’t be happier.

Cleo Cagle, CFO, Texas – Regional Medical Center

With DoctorsManagement’s Power Buying Program, our hospital was able to achieve savings on our clinical, office, and food supplies. In addition, we realized over $120,000 in savings on the purchase of a CT machine.

Patrick Rash, M.D., Tennessee – Dermatology

During our relationship with DoctorsManagement, our practice has grown substantially. We have added new physicians, constructed a new building, and significantly increased our patient base. In spite of this, overall administrative duties as physicians have decreased. While we are still involved in all the major decisions that affect the practice, we no longer have to micromanage the details. Our revenue has increased , the pleasure of practicing has returned, and we leave the office earlier to spend more time with our families.

Tully S. Roisman, M.D., West Virginia – Ophthalmology

DoctorsManagement’s Marketing Department has been presenting us with many new and exciting ideas. They have kept us motivated in promoting this practice.

Ralph Massullo, M.D., Florida – Dermatology

I have been in practice for almost 15 years. I have been involved with Phil Evans and DoctorsManagement from the onset. They assisted me in setting up the systems that allowed our practice to grow. They were there when we needed to expand. They were there when we designed and built a new building. They were there when we added physicians and when we added physician extenders. They were there when we opened a part-time satellite office. They were there when we expanded that office to full-time and moved into a new space, a couple of times. Each and every month they are there with us reviewing performance, tackling problems and growing together. In all, I consider DoctorsManagement as more than a support service firm, I consider them a partner and a friend. I guess how much they helped us through the years is relative. Objectively, we have one of the busiest, most efficient, and well-respected offices in the Southeast. We have certainly been blessed. Meeting Phil Evans and DoctorsManagement that bright spring day was one of those many blessings. I hope these heartfelt, honest comments about the firm can bring clarity to you in deciding what to look for in a management firm.

Thomas D. Pope, M.D., North Carolina – Obstetrics & Gynecology

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your firm for the recent fee analysis that you provided to my Ob-Gyn practice. As you know, we were behind in our charges, but being in a small community and isolated from much of what is going on around us, we were not even aware that we were so far behind.

Your services have meant a great deal to us, both in income generated, as well as the ability to call you at any time for advice on new services as well as difficult coding situations.

Harold Diftler, D.D.S., Tennessee – General Dentistry

DoctorsManagement was very instrumental in helping me sell my dental practice of over 37 years. Due to the ethics, hard work, and knowledge of our DM representative, we not only consummated a sale, but received a very satisfactory sum and return on our investment of those years.

Please give every consideration to their vast experience, ethics, and business knowledge. I know you will be happy as I was after working with DoctorsManagement.

Jeffrey Garrison, M.D., Louisiana – Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine

The Success Through Service Program gave me insight into myself and made me think about the dynamics of the office. It aided me in understanding the different behavioral styles of my patients and staff.

Steve R. Shelton, M.D., Indiana – Psychiatry

I have been extremely pleased with the results and expected annual revenues to increase by many thousands of dollars because of this one very minimal investment.

Alesha Herring, PM, Georgia – Surgical

I am pleased to announce that we have been very satisfied with the Power Buying Program and affiliates such as Cardinal Health and Warehouse Direct. It is so easy to just go on-line and order what you need. The merchandise arrives right at your front door. It takes the guess work out of wondering if you are getting it at the lowest price! Thanks a bunch.

George Winton, M.D., Tennessee – Dermatology

As the only MOHS surgeon in a large geographic area, I desired a state-of-the-art facility to give our patients the highest levels of care and comfort, as well as maximize our efficiency. DoctorsManagement was instrumental in the entire process, from finding the right architect to representing us in construction and finance meetings. They even negotiated a long-term lease with the railroad for the land necessary to complete the project. All this was accomplished while providing the practice with consistent attention to our ongoing practice management problems. Our nearly four-year relationship with DoctorsManagement has been outstanding.

Jennifer Dodd, PM, Florida – Ophthalmology

We have been using DoctorsManagement’s Power Buying Program for approximately 6 months and have been very pleased. We have purchased everything from office supplies to clinical supplies and most recently several personal computers and a printer. Not only are we saving money, but the Power buying Program has helped streamline ordering, saving us valuable time. The DoctorsManagement team has been extremely helpful and the vendors have been courteous and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend that all DoctorsManagement clients take advantage of this wonderful resource.

Robert M. Packer, III, M.D., Georgia – Internal Medicine

After working with DoctorsManagement’s Marketing Department, our cash flow and profitability have improved markedly.

Frederick K. Swiger, Jr., M.D., Georgia – Pathology

If you are looking for that right right practice administrator, then look no further than to The Practice Manager Search services offered by DoctorsManagement. After contacting several headhunters with limited results, I found that DoctorsManagement provided the professional assistance necessary through their HR Services Department to get the right person in our office — all for a reasonable investment.

Our search was performed by a human resources professional that determined our needs, screened and arranged interviews for top candidates, completed background checks, and provided the necessary hiring documents that included an employment contract — all while keeping us informed throughout the process.

I also welcome the follow-up by DoctorsManagement regarding our continued satisfaction with the placement, and for the chance to have our new administrator attend the Practice Manager Certificate Program, a continuing educational opportunity offered by the DM School of Medical Practice Management — at no additional fee.

My colleagues and I were pleased with the value and assistance we received from DoctorsManagement, and I believe you will be also.

Karin Ludeman, Office Manager, Montana -Ear, Nose and Throat, Facial Plastics & Cosmetic Surgery

DoctorsManagement and Dale Rothenberg, specifically, have been essential in the growth of our two practices over the past four years. There are now two physicians, a physician assistant, certified audiologist, and skilled allergy technician with the ENT practice.  The facial plastics practice has grown steadily as well.  We utilize the resources offered through DoctorsManagement.  They include accounting, human resources, coding, fee schedules, marketing, and power buying.  I am currently attending the DoctorsManagement School of Medical Practice Management and look forward to completing the training in November.  Two of our other staff members are also beginning the classes.  These classes have provided the opportunity to meet other practice managers from across the country, as well as learning about a variety of new opportunities, practice management skills, and updates of current guidelines for OSHA, Medicare and more.  Even more importantly, it is reassuring to know that DoctorsManagement and its staff is the place to go to obtain up to date and accurate information.  And, they are just a phone call, e-mail, or fax away.

Donna Phillips, Administrator, North Carolina – Ophthalmology

DoctorsManagement has been an enormous help to our practice for many years. Their management expertise has serviced the practice with much more than just monthly bookkeeping and accounting issues. Their advice and skillfulness has assisted us in the areas of building purchases, physician buy-ins and buy-outs, and many human resources issues. Without reservation, we highly recommend DoctorsManagement.

Julie Austin, Office Manager, North Carolina – Family

We started a new family practice with DoctorsManagement’s help. The staff was immensely helpful in establishing needed licensure, credentialing with insurance carriers, hiring staff, as well as establishing accounting software and practices. It was very comforting to turn to DoctorsManagement staff in our times of need, with the many questions and issues that arise when starting a new practice. They have kept us current with OSHA, CLIA and HIPAA training and retraining each year. The many manuals they provide are very helpful and resourceful. DoctorsManagement has been a great help and guide to us and we are grateful for all their help!