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Welcome to the Compliance Guy Blog

by Sean Weiss,Partner & VP of Compliance

Welcome to the Compliance Guy Blog… My name is Sean M. Weiss and I have been working in health care since 1995 in a variety of positions and for some of the largest health systems in the country. For the past 24 years my passion has been regulatory compliance and working with clients to develop workable solutions to their most pressing issues and finding ways to mitigate risks within organizations.

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with and guiding health care professionals facing compliance conundrums and looking for reasonable and workable solutions. I have served as an expert witness, conducted fraud investigations, worked with members of congress, and advocated on behalf of health care providers to ensure judicial fairness and a level playing field. The majority of my work days during a calendar year are spent structuring appeal defense for clients that were audited by commercial, federal and state payor audits as well as developing strategic litigation defense services on behalf of more than 25 law firms across the country.

My goal each day is to broach topics that are burdensome and headaches for health care professionals seeking measured and reasonable guidance (Not Legal Advise) to assist in findings reasonable and workable solutions to the most pressing issues. Sometimes I may veer off course and share with you a particular city I have traveled to or am actually in and where to stay, eat and what to do while there to ensure you maximize your time, money and fun. I attend and speak at a lot of conferences each year so I may just chat up a session or the actual show itself and let you know whether or not it’s a thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

My style is measured, abrupt, and always unabashed, which is what endears me to my readers and clients. I will always speak honestly and candid about a topic and always provide both sides of a story to remain balanced and fair in my assessment of a situation.

Thank you for stopping by… I hope you will do it daily or as often as you can!

Yours in Compliance,

Partner & Vice President of Compliance
DoctorsManagement, LLC